Info Update [Stats & Skills]

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Info Update [Stats & Skills]

Post by Steve » Mon May 27, 2019 12:52 pm

Stats & skills can be altered on the shard at any time, skill balls for skills (obvious) and theres a command for the stats, the command is a spoken command using the [ character at the start.

Skill Balls...
These will give your character 100 skill points for whichever skill you want BUT you must make sure the skill your changing is first at 0.
The skill balls will NOT give the skill if you have 0.1 or more already on the skill, it MUST be at 0 (zero) first.

This was why you can find the Skill Reset Stone in Haven, this stone will set ALL skills to zero, then you can begin altering your characters skill points with the skill balls.

The character stats can be changed at any time too using the statset command, this is how...
It's a spoken command...

statset str 0-125 (0 up to 125), this will alter your STR

statset int 0-125 (0 up to 125), this will alter your INT

statset dex 0-125 (0 up to 125), this will alter your DEX

The server setting here is for stats up to 275, and skills is up to 9000 (that's 9 skills at 100), if you use a powerscroll to go to 120 in a given skill you'll have to adjust a skill to drop in order to gain the extra 20 points the power scroll should allow, 9000 is the cap.

Hope that helps ;)

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